ActiveYouth4Life partnership in Sarajevo

From the 3rd to the 4th of May 2023, our consortium of ActiveYouth4Life project had a 2-day meeting in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo.  During our partners’ meeting, all the previous steps were analyzed and evaluated and the next ones were discussed and confirmed. It was a chance to unite the partnership, with each one sharing opinions and impressions for the results that have been achieved up to now.


The meeting started with the evaluation of the Training Handbook for raising the awareness of youths about climate change and sustainability development through filmmaking that was developed within the project and the piloting that took place in every partner country and aimed at testing the effectiveness of this Handbook. The 51 young participants of the piloting process confirmed with the result of 10 successfully produced videos, that the Handbook and its proposed materials and tools constitute a valuable and easy-to-use source without the need to be an expert in filmmaking.


The Training Handbook will be soon available on the platform of the project along with all products and materials of the project.

After this topic, it was time to discuss about the Digital Escape Rooms that are being developed by all partners. This innovative learning resource makes learning more attractive, and thus, more memorable- especially for young people. Living in a digital and fast- changing era, young people need stimulating and challenging environments of learning. That is the reason why creating a more visually attractive and interactive learning environment, makes it easier to engage young people to comprehend the topics of active citizenship and environmental awareness and reflect upon them. Solving quizzes and riddles to escape a room, leads young people on developing crucial skills such as critical thinking skills and digital skills that further  encourage them to be engaged, connected, and empowered as active citizens.
This impactful tool of Digital Escape Rooms is in the process of development and soon will be available online.


Another product of our project that was discussed during the partners’ meeting, was the Training and Virtual Communication platform, in which there will be included: the e-learning and digital tools and resources for carrying out training activities for the enhancement of youths civic participation, climate change and sustainable development awareness. All that is needed in order to have full access to the platform is to register, because in this way it is possible to use  all the digital learning resources, such as the online modules, the film-training handbook and the digital escape room activities. This learning space will also include an e-library in forms of videos, assessment framework, and online publications that the educators/youth workers will be encouraged to access and benefit from them to learn more about the LIFEComp framework and sustainable development. On the platform, there is already available the training curriculum, which provides a certificate to every user who completes it. The curriculum consists of the following modules:
1)Climate change & Sustainable development
2)The role of Active Citizenship in EU in sustainable development awareness

3)Necessary behavioral changes, cultural and human values, consumption habits and lifestyles that contribute to sustainable development
4)Solutions to environmental problems through social entrepreneurship.


The results of our ActiveYouth4Life project are already tangible and soon they will all be available on our platform, so that anyone can profit from them.
During the meeting of our consortium, it was confirmed that the “AY4L” project is already having an impact in the local communities and at the same time through the platform will soon create a virtual community where users can interact and inspire each other.

Finally, the meeting in Sarajevo was an opportunity to empower even more our vision for our project and our passion to try to make the biggest impact possible starting from the local communities and the empowerment of the youth, in order to inspire them to become active citizens fighting for climate change.

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